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Philanthropy at Innovention

We, at Innovention products are not just promoting our business but are looking forward to taking it one step further. Our board is actively aiming at playing our role in contributing towards the betterment of the society of the differently abled people.

With this in mind, we want to accelerate learning and educational opportunities for all the specially challenged ones in India.

Some do get pension from the government, but that amount does not even suffice their basic needs. The amount (20 USD / 1500 INR) that they receive in India is very less compared to what the disabled people of other countries receive. If we just consider in terms of hearing impairment, the deaf population in India is roughly estimated to be around 18 million. From that huge number, the fact is that only a handful are actually having access to resources and platforms of learning. In order to boost quality learning and education in India, Innovention comes forward to help those who are in need. For such ones who are keen to learn but don’t have even meagre economical backing, we provide them with all the necessary kit.

Education for disabled is given an impetus if the deaf have accessibility means to it. We donate all the essential resources that will boost learning. Some of our Innovention contributions are Bags, Notebooks, Pens, Bottles, T-shirts and Caps.

These are just a few to name. We strive to make sure that uanavaility of any of the resources is never a barrier to learning. Those belonging to Economically Backward Class (EBC), Lower Income Groups (LIG), Economically Weaker Section (EWS) or even those who are deaf-blind or handicapped will now have no reason to be left behind.

Those interested can connect to us via: info@innoventionproducts.com

We Are Your Favorite Technology Product Store.

InnoVention Products a deaf-owned business that aims at introducing new technology products into the market. We work hard to conceptualize new ideas, processes and products, enhancing them in new ways.

There are several, great products that we source from India and bring to the market in USA. 

The Team

Our deaf CEO Giac Huynh is at the helm of InnoVention Products, working closely with the rest of our deaf team.

Sandeep Agarwal is our primary business consultant and is responsible for making business plans. He develops problem solving strategies using his experience in formulating business ideas.

Babu C.M., located in India, shoulders the responsibility of promoting our products, ensuring that they are cost-effective, enhancing positive business processes promoting good business and customer relationships.

Our team is all set to grow in the near future as our products get a wider reach across the world.

Giac Huynh

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